How to Make Fresh Fruit Smoothie

How to Make Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Have you heard of a smoothie? More and more often, with this name in the context of healthy nutrition. What is hidden under him? It is a thick cocktail, which is created by blending fruits, vegetables, herbs, and various other exciting ingredients. It is full of vitamins and perfectly fills you. A smoothie can be a healthy breakfast or a hearty snack.

The name of the smoothie was derived from the English word “smooth” meaning “fine” or “cream”. And that’s exactly what a smoothie is. We would call it the most likely a cocktail. We can easily prepare it whenever we get a taste. He can make us a great start to a new day when hunger strikes us, or to encourage more physical activity. The fruit gives the body fast sugars, and we can immediately draw the necessary energy.

Why Is Smoothie Healthy?

So this question is quite simple to answer because it is from all the healthy ingredients. Vegetables and fruits have never hurt anyone. The fruit is a reservoir of vitamins, minerals, fiber and also simple sugars that are fueled for muscles and brains. If these simple sugars get into the stomach along with other foods, they tend to ferment, which is not good. You can also lose your weight when drink a smoothie.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat the fruit always separately, between each meal as a snack. Vegetables are the most suitable leafy vegetable, which is also filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and contains the health of chlorophyll, which helps the body to produce hemoglobin blood.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps heal wounds. In leafy vegetables, there are only minimal carbohydrates, which makes it a neutral food. So we can mix it basically with whatever we love and what we like. The combination of sweet fruits with neutral wheatgrass ensures excellent taste and ease of digestion.

How to Make Fresh Fruit Smoothie ?

Smoothie is a very dense and nutritious beverage, which is based on fruit, vegetables and possibly a combination of both. Because it does not add sugar, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it is very healthy to drink.

What Fruits Are Suitable For Making Smoothies?

Here is the choice entirely to you – simply one that tastes good to you. It is ideal for bananas, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, mangoes, grapefruits, kiwis, oranges, mandarins, melons, various seasonal fruits, etc. Every season brings an abundance of another kind of fruit. Lovers of sweeter drinks can add even soaked dried fruits such as dates, figs, raisins, and others to the smoothie.

What Kind of Vegetables To Use?

Ideally leafy, suitable is Chinese cabbage, different kinds of salads, spinach, kale, arugula, salad, chicory, watercress and great are also wild herbs like nettle, dandelion, plantain, bear garlic, and many others. You may not be able to imagine how you drink a nettle, but you will see that in combination with other ingredients you create a truly delicious beverage.

In addition to fruit and vegetables, it is possible to add many more ingredients to the smoothie. It can be for example goji fruits, soaked seeds (sesame, linen, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp), which will increase the proportion of proteins and give the body healthy fats needed for Absorption vitamins A, D, E, K.

You can also use oat flakes, psyllium, cinnamon, cocoa beans, protein powder, young barley and much more. If protein powder is added to the smoothie, we obtain a beverage full of quality proteins that are needed for the recovery of muscle cells.

What Do We Need For Making a Smoothie?

The production of smoothie is simple, and there is no need for any cooking art.

We only need:
● Ripe fruit or vegetables, seeds, dried fruits, and other ingredients
● Blender-tabletop, plunge, or special smoothie maker
● Water, or milk or whipped cream. In case we want to have a smoothie pure natural and “light” we add only water that dilutes the beverage to drink. In various recipes, however, we can also come across a smoothie, which combines milk, yogurt, or even whipped cream. So it depends on us, which option we choose.

Smoothie makers usually do not have a powerful enough engine to handle smooth cocktails. If you want to make smoothies from all possible ingredients, get quality and powerful blender. You can find other tips to make smoothie in this video.

Lose Your Weight with Juicer and Smoothies

green smoothie

Very many people start drinking juices because they want to lose weight.

Here you get my guess about how to achieve a weight loss. Over time I have received great many feedback from people who have lost their weight and are still losing out after they have started drinking juices and smoothies. I have lost 5-10 kg and heard from people who have lost as many as 40 kgs in 3 months.

Conversely, there are also many who wonder why they do not lose weight when they start drinking freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. When I ask what they drink, I often find that they drink too much fruit. We have to go for the vegetables.

My recipe Greenest juicer and Smoothies are all formula only made on vegetables, with only citrus fruits to give it sweet and sour.

Drink Your Vegetables

I try to get as many green plants in my juices and smoothies as possible. I do this primarily because they contain significantly less sugar and many more nutrients than fruit. For example, a broccoli cane contains 14 times as much vitamin C as an orange. If you want to lose weight, it is extra important that you cut down or completely omit the fruit.

If we drink large quantities of fruit juices, it is almost the same as eating the sugar bowl. When sugar (glucose + fructose) is absorbed through the intestine and ends up in the bloodstream, the pancreas will respond by producing insulin, which is a kind of ‘ fat-parking hormone ‘. This hormone makes the sugar turn into fat so that it can be saved on another excellent time-which we are known to be a few that are not wildly interested.

Stable Blood Sugar

One of the most important things, if you want to lose weight, is steady blood sugar. For the same reason, I recommend that you pour a bit of oil into the juicer. It stabilizes blood sugar and therefore keeps you ‘ running ‘ for a long time. The fact that it takes the sugar urge is just a bonus.

You can also choose to eat 8-10 almonds together with the juice, it has roughly the same effect and even contains fibers that the juice is poor. If you decide to drink smoothies, the case is entirely different. Here you get ‘ it All ‘ with – incl. The fibres that help stabilize our blood sugar. Just remember to get lots of vegetables in the blender so that no total ‘ strawberry/banana smoothie ‘ goes into it. You can go with an advantage – and lightness – use frozen Spinball balls, frozen broccoli, beans, etc.

If you are making smoothies, it also makes sense to add protein powder, as it stabilizes blood glucose and increases combustion. Youc can find some recipt making smoothies using protein powder in this video.


What You Drink Today, You Feel Like Tomorrow

Why do all people not just love vegetables and bitter salads? Why is there anyone who is unable to protrude celery, spiny and broccoli? The body should then ask for that kind of thing when we now know that they are so extremely healthy for us. It is the total lousy programming, and someone will probably think.

However, what you eat — or drink — today has a tremendous impact on what you want to do tomorrow. A perfect example of this is if you are accustomed to drinking coffee with sugar, and you then stop with sugar in the coffee for a week or so. Afterward, you will suddenly find that the coffee is too sweet with sugar.

One of the very best things about drinking green juices and smoothies is that we can influence what we want. The body cannot find out whether we have eaten or drunk the vegetables. Suddenly we get a mysterious and perhaps very unknown urge to eat green things as well. That is at least one of the feedback I have received the most. Feedback like ‘ My husband and my children are starting to eat vegetables ‘. Only the power of juices and smoothies I love.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices and green smoothies are an enchanting way to retrain our taste buds. With a daily glass of the purest sunshine, it suddenly becomes much easier to be healthy. As soon as our body chemistry begins to change for the better, you automatically start to hunger for healthy and nutritious food, more water, etc. At the same time, we will experience less desire for sugar and other sweets.

Easy Thanksgiving Drink Recipe

Stress-free and holidays don’t typically end up in a sentence together. At GP Kitchen and Catering those words are music to our ears. We are your trusted caterer of choice and we can truly make your November and December easy!

Let’s start out talking about drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The most important thing to know is your guest list (number of adults, children, non-drinkers vs. drinkers). Thanksgiving is typically a wine drinking holiday, although if you have 20 or 30-something men, they may drink prefer beer (especially if they are watching one of the three NFL games that day!). During the fall and winter months we find people gravitate toward red varietals. Depending upon who is pouring, you can get 4-5 glasses from a 750ml bottle. Plan on most guests having 2-3 glasses throughout the afternoon and evening. Please stop by either GP Kitchen location for our Thanksgiving wine picks, which are fantastic for your feast – Vicky says so!

Non-alcoholic drinks should have a fall feel to them, such as sparkling apple cider, hot mulled cider or a pomegranate punch. Plan on 2-3 glasses of cold drinks for those not having alcohol, and 1-2 mugs of hot drinks. Having a pitcher of orange water with cranberries on the drink table is also a nice gesture and encourages guests to drink more water.

Here is a Pomegranate-Orange Punch one of our staff members serves at her Thanksgiving gathering:

orange juice


  • 2C fresh orange juice
  • 1qt pomegranate juice
  • 2C chilled limeade
  • ice
  • 1C pomegranate arils (the seeds)
  • 1 liter bottle of ginger ale
  • orange & lime slices to garnish punch bowl

In punch bowl, mix pomegranate juice, orange juice, and limeade. Pour in ginger ale, add ice and float lime and orange slices on top along with some pomegranate arils.

Cold beverages should be chilled sufficiently (cool for at least an hour in the fridge) and keep them on ice throughout the day. Hot beverages should stay hot all day long– we like to use crockpots on low for our mulled cider while the burners are free for sauces or gravy. Place paper cocktail napkins on the table and perhaps even have a towel handy for the occasional spill. It is your choice whether you want to use your crystal, plastic, or consider renting. All options are completely acceptable. Ask yourself how much time do you want to spend hand washing after you have indulged on turkey, stuffing and delicious gravy and pie? Or, if you have teenagers, how much do you trust your beloved children to take care of your expensive crystal?!

Next we will talk about meal prep. What you can make ahead of time, how can you cut corners in the kitchen the day of and still have the most delicious, memorable meal.