How to Make Fresh Fruit Smoothie

Have you heard of a smoothie? More and more often, with this name in the context of healthy nutrition. What is hidden under him? It is a thick cocktail, which is created by blending fruits, vegetables, herbs, and various other exciting ingredients. It is full of vitamins and perfectly fills you. A smoothie can be a healthy breakfast or a hearty snack.

The name of the smoothie was derived from the English word “smooth” meaning “fine” or “cream”. And that’s exactly what a smoothie is. We would call it the most likely a cocktail. We can easily prepare it whenever we get a taste. He can make us a great start to a new day when hunger strikes us, or to encourage more physical activity. The fruit gives the body fast sugars, and we can immediately draw the necessary energy.

Why Is Smoothie Healthy?

So this question is quite simple to answer because it is from all the healthy ingredients. Vegetables and fruits have never hurt anyone. The fruit is a reservoir of vitamins, minerals, fiber and also simple sugars that are fueled for muscles and brains. If these simple sugars get into the stomach along with other foods, they tend to ferment, which is not good. You can also lose your weight when drink a smoothie.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat the fruit always separately, between each meal as a snack. Vegetables are the most suitable leafy vegetable, which is also filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and contains the health of chlorophyll, which helps the body to produce hemoglobin blood.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps heal wounds. In leafy vegetables, there are only minimal carbohydrates, which makes it a neutral food. So we can mix it basically with whatever we love and what we like. The combination of sweet fruits with neutral wheatgrass ensures excellent taste and ease of digestion.

How to Make Fresh Fruit Smoothie ?

Smoothie is a very dense and nutritious beverage, which is based on fruit, vegetables and possibly a combination of both. Because it does not add sugar, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, it is very healthy to drink.

What Fruits Are Suitable For Making Smoothies?

Here is the choice entirely to you – simply one that tastes good to you. It is ideal for bananas, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, mangoes, grapefruits, kiwis, oranges, mandarins, melons, various seasonal fruits, etc. Every season brings an abundance of another kind of fruit. Lovers of sweeter drinks can add even soaked dried fruits such as dates, figs, raisins, and others to the smoothie.

What Kind of Vegetables To Use?

Ideally leafy, suitable is Chinese cabbage, different kinds of salads, spinach, kale, arugula, salad, chicory, watercress and great are also wild herbs like nettle, dandelion, plantain, bear garlic, and many others. You may not be able to imagine how you drink a nettle, but you will see that in combination with other ingredients you create a truly delicious beverage.

In addition to fruit and vegetables, it is possible to add many more ingredients to the smoothie. It can be for example goji fruits, soaked seeds (sesame, linen, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp), which will increase the proportion of proteins and give the body healthy fats needed for Absorption vitamins A, D, E, K.

You can also use oat flakes, psyllium, cinnamon, cocoa beans, protein powder, young barley and much more. If protein powder is added to the smoothie, we obtain a beverage full of quality proteins that are needed for the recovery of muscle cells.

What Do We Need For Making a Smoothie?

The production of smoothie is simple, and there is no need for any cooking art.

We only need:
● Ripe fruit or vegetables, seeds, dried fruits, and other ingredients
● Blender-tabletop, plunge, or special smoothie maker
● Water, or milk or whipped cream. In case we want to have a smoothie pure natural and “light” we add only water that dilutes the beverage to drink. In various recipes, however, we can also come across a smoothie, which combines milk, yogurt, or even whipped cream. So it depends on us, which option we choose.

Smoothie makers usually do not have a powerful enough engine to handle smooth cocktails. If you want to make smoothies from all possible ingredients, get quality and powerful blender. You can find other tips to make smoothie in this video.

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