Lake Oswego


39 B Ave
Lake Oswego Oregon 97034

(503) 697-7355

Mon – Fri
10:30 am – 6:30 pm



Soup of the Day
please call for today’s offering


Chicken Salad
chunks of chicken, apricots, toasted almonds
lettuce & mayo on focaccia
$6.95 each

Turkey and Cheddar
with arugula, mayo, olive oil, romaine, garlic & walnuts
$6.95 each

Banh Mi
roast beef with pickled carrot, cilantro,
English cucumber, and lime mayo on baguette
$6.95 each

Curried Egg Salad
topped with tomatoes and lettuce
on whole grain
$6.75 each

Tuna Tosti
with relish, red onion and Tilimook
cheddar, grilled golden brown
$6.75 each

Cubano Tosti
ham & smoked mozzarella
with pickle slices on como bread
$6.75 each


Salmon Fillet
pan seared and paired with Thai red curry sauce
$10.95 each

Salmon Cakes
with russet potatoes, sweet potatoes &
jalapeno with a cucumber raita sauce
$6.95 each

Flank Steak*
with chimichurri sauce
$18.50/ LB

Flank Steak Salad*
with red & yellow peppers, fennel, cilantro
tossed with a sesame-soy dressing
$13.95/ LB

Stacked Chicken Enchilada
layers of chicken, corn tortillas, cotija & cheddar
infused with salsa verde and drizzled with crema
$6.95 each

Pumpkin Crusted Chicken
chicken breast with a savory
pumpkin crust & tomato sauce

Mac n’ Cheese
a melodious blend of cheddar and Gruyere
topped with sundried tomatoes
$5.95 each

Pumpkin Cake
the spirit of the season served with pepita pesto
$5.95 each

Sides and Salads

Caesar Salad
tossed with grated parmesan, croutons & our
house-made dressing (contains raw egg)**
small $4.00, large $7.00, chicken $7.50

Harvest Salad
kale, romaine, arugula, dates, chevre,
candied hazelnuts & apple cider vinaigrette
$4.95 each

Tangy Golden Slaw
tangy twist of cabbage, kale,
and shredded carrot with golden raisins
$10.95/ LB

Carrots with Fennel
a fall time staple with those
infamous quick crisped shallots
$9.95/ LB

Curried Chicken Salad
with celery, currants & toasted cashews
$12.95/ LB

Dragon Noodles
a GP specialty of wheat noodles marinated in
a sweet & sour soy dressing
$9.95/ LB

Mediterranean Quinoa
with feta, cucumber, tomato, and pecans
$11.95/ LB

Gucci beets
figs & goat cheese rule
$9.95/ LB

Brussels Sprouts
a GP classic of roasted sprouts with
parmesan and bacon
$11.95/ LB

Red Rice Salad
fortified with butternut squash, chard,
pickled cherries & Marcona almonds
$11.95/ LB

Fall Couscous
spiked with chicken, chickpeas, currants,
roma tomatoes and corn
$11.95/ LB

Cauliflower Panzanella
bread salad with roasted cauliflower,
olive & sundried tomato
$11.95/ LB

Vegetable Medley
a bounty of delicata squash, shiitake mushroom,
and brussels srpouts
$9.95/ LB


chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, white chocolate-cranberry,
double chocolate-walnut, oatmeal-currant and peanut butter
$1.75 each

Pumpkin bread
$2.00/slice, $14.00/loaf

Mandy’s Marvelous Scone of the day:  $2.50

GP’s Sweet Treats
from pies & cobblers to layer cakes & bread puddings
ask what’s baking! $4.00/each

*Our steak is cooked the way we like it. Oregon health code considers it under cooked.
**Our Caesar dressing contains raw egg yolks.
Consuming raw and/or undercooked animal products
increases the risk of foodborne illness.