Lose Your Weight with Juicer and Smoothies

Very many people start drinking juices because they want to lose weight.

Here you get my guess about how to achieve a weight loss. Over time I have received great many feedback from people who have lost their weight and are still losing out after they have started drinking juices and smoothies. I have lost 5-10 kg and heard from people who have lost as many as 40 kgs in 3 months.

Conversely, there are also many who wonder why they do not lose weight when they start drinking freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. When I ask what they drink, I often find that they drink too much fruit. We have to go for the vegetables.

My recipe Greenest juicer and Smoothies are all formula only made on vegetables, with only citrus fruits to give it sweet and sour.

Drink Your Vegetables

I try to get as many green plants in my juices and smoothies as possible. I do this primarily because they contain significantly less sugar and many more nutrients than fruit. For example, a broccoli cane contains 14 times as much vitamin C as an orange. If you want to lose weight, it is extra important that you cut down or completely omit the fruit.

If we drink large quantities of fruit juices, it is almost the same as eating the sugar bowl. When sugar (glucose + fructose) is absorbed through the intestine and ends up in the bloodstream, the pancreas will respond by producing insulin, which is a kind of ‘ fat-parking hormone ‘. This hormone makes the sugar turn into fat so that it can be saved on another excellent time-which we are known to be a few that are not wildly interested.

Stable Blood Sugar

One of the most important things, if you want to lose weight, is steady blood sugar. For the same reason, I recommend that you pour a bit of oil into the juicer. It stabilizes blood sugar and therefore keeps you ‘ running ‘ for a long time. The fact that it takes the sugar urge is just a bonus.

You can also choose to eat 8-10 almonds together with the juice, it has roughly the same effect and even contains fibers that the juice is poor. If you decide to drink smoothies, the case is entirely different. Here you get ‘ it All ‘ with – incl. The fibres that help stabilize our blood sugar. Just remember to get lots of vegetables in the blender so that no total ‘ strawberry/banana smoothie ‘ goes into it. You can go with an advantage – and lightness – use frozen Spinball balls, frozen broccoli, beans, etc.

If you are making smoothies, it also makes sense to add protein powder, as it stabilizes blood glucose and increases combustion. Youc can find some recipt making smoothies using protein powder in this video.


What You Drink Today, You Feel Like Tomorrow

Why do all people not just love vegetables and bitter salads? Why is there anyone who is unable to protrude celery, spiny and broccoli? The body should then ask for that kind of thing when we now know that they are so extremely healthy for us. It is the total lousy programming, and someone will probably think.

However, what you eat — or drink — today has a tremendous impact on what you want to do tomorrow. A perfect example of this is if you are accustomed to drinking coffee with sugar, and you then stop with sugar in the coffee for a week or so. Afterward, you will suddenly find that the coffee is too sweet with sugar.

One of the very best things about drinking green juices and smoothies is that we can influence what we want. The body cannot find out whether we have eaten or drunk the vegetables. Suddenly we get a mysterious and perhaps very unknown urge to eat green things as well. That is at least one of the feedback I have received the most. Feedback like ‘ My husband and my children are starting to eat vegetables ‘. Only the power of juices and smoothies I love.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices and green smoothies are an enchanting way to retrain our taste buds. With a daily glass of the purest sunshine, it suddenly becomes much easier to be healthy. As soon as our body chemistry begins to change for the better, you automatically start to hunger for healthy and nutritious food, more water, etc. At the same time, we will experience less desire for sugar and other sweets.

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