Easy Thanksgiving – Part 2

It’s two weeks until Thanksgiving. Have you checked anything off of your to-do list for that day? Have you even created your to-do list? The GP Kitchen staff are pros at checklists and pre-party planning! We find these lists create a sense a calm in the kitchen and that is key to a happy cook (and we all know what a happy cook means)!

Here is the checklist for our Thanksgiving:

One Week Before
* Start clearing out the fridge to make room
* Shop ahead for drinks, non-perishables or items that can be frozen. Make sure you have plenty of butter on hand! You will need it for rolls, sauces, mashed potatoes, etc.
* Assign dishes to guests who want to bring something. Dessert is a good option as it takes time to make and precious room to store.
* Make cornbread and freeze or cut and freeze day old bread cubes for stuffing
* Prepare cranberry relish or chutney (see our recipe here, unless you are really set on the traditional blob from a can!)
*Make and freeze a soup for an early Thanksgiving day lunch if you are having dinner later in the day. We recommend an easy butternut squash soup or Mandy’s favorite cream of mushroom, shying away from turkey, chicken or potato based soups as you will have your fill of those delicious items for days to come!

Two Days Before
* It is always best to purchase a fresh bird for your dinner, but if you do buy a frozen variety, take it out of freezer two days prior and thaw in the refrigerator.

One Day Before
* Roast sweet potatoes or yams for gratin or casserole. Prepare your recipe, fill the casserole dish, wrap well and refrigerate.
* Peel and cut russet or yukon gold potatoes for your mashed potatoes. Store in cold water overnight.
* Thaw bread for stuffing and mix with herbs and nuts. Or if you are using rice for a gluten-free stuffing, cook and wrap well when cooled. Store in fridge.
* Wash and prep vegetables for your side dishes. Peel, chop and refrigerate.

Day Of
* Take gratin and stuffing out of fridge at least an hour before baking.
* Cook cut potatoes and prepare mashed potatoes.
* Prepare vegetables as planned.
* Roast turkey and make gravy.

And if the thought of getting everything on the table makes you want to drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself, give GP a call and order from our Everything But The Bird menu!

These pre-planning tips will help you have an easy Thanksgiving, a day where you can sit back with family and friends and truly have time to celebrate and be thankful! Oh yeah, and maybe even watch a little football.

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