What’s Cooking

While we don’t pretend to be on the cutting edge of the latest fads, we do want to wet your palate.
At GP Kitchen, it is about Real Food made by Real People.

Meals in a Bowl – try our salad sampler

Farm to Table – we continue to work with local farmers & purveyors

Unusual Spices and Fermentations – Dragon Noodles & Broccoli with Chili Orange Oil

Gluten Free – Andean Quinoa & Stacked Chicken Enchilada

Vegetables take Center Stage – may we say the Salad Sampler, again!

The Warming Comforts of Tea & Coffee – Steve Smith & Nossa Familia still knock it out of the park.

Small Portions

Snacks as meals and smaller portions seem to be gracing menus and grocery stores everywhere.  With more companies introducing pre-portioned foods in appropriate sizes and restaurants offering smaller plate options, this rising trend is a little like grazing on the foods you love, but with the emphasis on individual portion sizes.

It’s no surprise that this trend is on the upswing. As more people are living their busy lives on the go and eating out, smaller and healthier options are a must.  Portioned eats serve those looking to shed a few pounds or live a healthier lifestyle by encouraging mindful eating, better ingredients and limits on food consumption.
Gourmet Productions is proud to be serving a variety of dishes this spring that fit within this trend.  With the option to specify potion sizes of all our salads, including the popular Mediterranean Quinoa with tomato, cucumber and feta, or selecting a sandwich that can be shared or split for half later, (one of our favorites is the Reuben!) you will surly enjoy enough protein and carbs for energy to last you throughout the whole day.
Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes the best choices are the ones that come in a small box!
Reuben Sandwich
Ruben Sandwich
2 Slices Como Bread
1 T Dijon Mustard
3oz Sliced Pastrami
2 T Sauerkraut (drained)
2 Slices Swiss Cheese
Butter, melted (for toasting)
Put half a tablespoon of mustard on each slice of bread.  Top one slice of bread with the pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese and then cover with the other bread slice.  Brush outside of bread and grill to a golden brown. Cut sandwiches to desired sizes pieces.